Southern hospitality and old world charm

By J.D. Hookay
Special Correspondent
South Pittsburg Hustler & the Jasper Journal – Progress and Pride

Located on Main Street mid-way between Monteagle exits 134 and 135, the stately, elegant old-world charm of the Monteagle Inn is in enterprising contrast to the flea markets that guard each exit. Only 10 years old, it has the presence of a long-time member of the community. Founded on the same concepts of beauty and spirituality that were prevalent at the original hotel and spa opened by John Moffat long ago, the Monteagle Inn represents the best of the best.

Across the street, nestled into a sleepy corner of the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly Grounds, is the Edgeworth Inn, a tranquil dose of southern hospitality that seems hidden away from time.